Ta-shue Chou's Photos


Taken by the 60MHZ NMR

With graduate students and assistants
From left: Chia Tien Wong, Cheng An Sun, Chung Wen Ke, Ta-shue Chou, Sun Yang Chang, Hong Quan Chen

Taken with colleagues of the Institute
From left front row : Ito Chao, Shu-Hua Chien, Chih Shih Wang, Ta-shue Chou, Yun E Shih, Ci Chun Yang
Second row: Shwu-Jiuan Lee, Shu Ming Chang, Hsiao Hua Ma

Ta-shue Chou (first left), Chih Shu Chiang (second right) and Hsien Jen Wu ( first right) at the 15th Heterocyclic Ring Chemistry Conference

With the advisor, Prof. Stephen F. Martin, at his alma mater, University of Texas at Austin

Taken in the laboratory after passing his PhD oral examination

With classmates from the National Taiwan University
From left to right: Cing Huei Lin, Kuang Hui Li, Pao Hua Yang, Ta-shue Chou, Ling-Kang Liu, Yen Hsiang Shih, Ming Hsi Hsiao

Photo taken in the office of the Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica

Photo of the construction of the new building (Nowadays the A building)

With Ling-Kang Liu in front of the old building of the Institute

Prof. T. Yamaguchi (second left) from University of Hokkaido gave a lecture
The photo was taken with Ling-Kang Liu, Shu-Hua Chien and Ta-shue Chou

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